Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

City/Town Edmonton
State/Province Alberta
Country Canada
Certification Renewal Date 2019-02-09
Work phone 780.481.0313

I have been a life coach since the turn of the century, specializing in weight and wellness. Close to a thousand clients and plenty of research have taught me that weight management is much more complicated than calories in/calories out. If it were that simple we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic. Weight is impacted by a variety of factors, including: hormones, genetics, environment, emotions, self-image, sleep, stress and beliefs. Diets don”t address these issues, but EFT can. My approach has always been to work on the whole person. When negative emotions and stress are minimized and balance is realized it's much easier to be successful with the necessary behaviors that allow weight loss to happen. Some of my clients have said, "It feels like I'm not even trying." My coach training and experience forms the basis of my skill set and EFT allows me to get to the source of core issues. I ask good questions. Supporting clients to erase negative emotions like guilt and shame associated with excess weight, as well as entrenched limiting beliefs like, "my family is big!" takes away a lot of the struggle. We can't achieve what we don't believe. The marvel of EFT never wears off and I am bubbling with enthusiasm for what is possible. In Haruki Murakami”s words, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Allow me to support you in ending the suffering and releasing your barriers to successful weight loss. I offer a no-strings-attached introductory, 30-minute session to allow you to get a brief experience of EFT. You can also get to know me, as I”d also like to get to know you.


Have worked with her for two years!

Rated 5 out of 5

Claudette is a fantastic practitioner! I’ve worked with her for nearly two years on everything from anxiety and procrastination to family dynamics and unhealthy cravings. The amount of personal and professional growth I’ve experienced because of her thoughtful and confident guidance is priceless! I highly recommend her if you’re looking to break through a limitation that keeps you from experiencing your full potential.


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