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Cristina Gondolo

Work phone +33 675.571.197

Life today is stressful for almost everyone! However, if you have a loved one struggling with ADD/ADHD, executive function issues, learning disabilities, depression, or anxiety, you have special challenges. Whether your child, partner, sibling, or dear friend has one of these conditions, you”re faced with daily, daunting issues: handling disabilities, problem behaviors, family struggles, and a chaotic home environment. Your own mental and physical health may end up being neglected, whereas maintaining it is the key of success in helping your loved ones, because it allows you function at your best. In addition to my Energy Psychology coaching certification, I have extensive background and personal experience helping parents and other adults whose family members have challenges in these areas. I can help you: Build your own resilience and coping skills to overcome frustration, guilt, anxiety, depression, feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy, others” judgment, isolation, and exhaustion. Understand what to expect and how to deal with your loved one”s behavioral patterns, included emotional dysregulationand how to help them build and rely on their special strengths. How to understand and deal with family issues that typically arise with such conditions, including marital tensions, siblings suffering and feeling neglected, frequent instability in the family, PTSD, and more. I am fluent in English, Italian, French, and German. Because I have lived in countries where all these languages are spoken, including the U.S., I am expert at helping others with the psycho social challenges of moving to a new country. Finding a home, getting your kids in school, getting your utilities turned on, and other practical matterseven adjusting to your new jobare not the most vexing challenges for ex-patriots. Rather, the loss of a support network and sense of belonging and the period of uncertainty while adjusting to a new culture have much more impact on your quality of life and well being. How you take care of yourself in that phase of vulnerability determines whether your family and you can successfully adapt to and enjoy your new location. If you have a loved one with challenges with ADHD/ADD or executive function issues, are facing a move to a foreign country, or need Energy Psychology coaching conducted in Italian, French, or German, you can breathe a sigh of relief. I”ve been where you areand can help you navigate these challenges successfully.


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