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Debra Keillah

Street Bilinga, QLD 4225
City/Town Bilinga
State/Province Queensland
Country Australia
Certification Renewal Date 2021-10-03
Work phone 040.630.8277

I am a certified EFT Practitioner offering my clients the opportunity to be supported, guided and empowered using Emotional Freedom Techniques. Fortunately, I completed my EFT Practitioner 1 -EFT Universe under the guidance & mentorship of Dr Peta Stapleton Associate Professor Psychology Bond University, Australia who is recognised as a leading force in the scientific research of EFT. My previous career path is one I have enjoyed wholeheartedly, working in an education system supporting students and families for 25 years. This trusted role provided me the opportunity to use my natural gifts of caring, kindness and understanding in an environment often daunting, uncomfortable and for some downright traumatic. Personally overcoming childhood adversities and defying the imprint those experiences had once left on me is my motivation to teach others that there is a way to emotionally empower themselves and it is possible to let go of the limiting beliefs and negative events of the past that can all too often dictate our current situations, relationships, health and happiness.”˜The hard won benefit of having known suffering is wisdom and empathy” ( Childhood Disrupted by Donna Jackson Nakazawa) As a result of developing an EFT routine and regularly using other mindfulness practices I have developed a strong ability to recognise, understand and manage my own emotions and seek to inspire those around me to do the same by sharing with them what I have learned. Emotional Freedom Techniques can empower you to become the person you may think you can only dream of. Together we can work toward no longer being defined by the past but living life in a natural state of flow.


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