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Elizabeth Abela

Street Mandaluyong City
City/Town Makati
Country Philippines
Certification Renewal Date 2021-12-14
Work phone 639178964567

I am the first Certified Bulletproof Human Potential coach in the Philippines, combining conventional life coaching with non conventional holistic mind and body techniques as well as Bulletproof's signature term, "biohacking," which involves manipulating the environment in order to effect positive changes in the human biology and physiology. One of the ways to successfully "biohack" is through the use of gadgets. As a Biohacker, I believe in the body's built-in mechanism for self-healing and survival and have personally witnessed and experienced how energy medicine (EFT) taps into this ability so beautifully. ”‹ I am the only listed certified practitioner in Matrix Reimprinting as well as EFT Universe certified Clinical EFT Practitioner in the Philippines. I also use other modalities such as PSYCH K Health and Wellbeing program, which is a very effective belief change technique. ”‹ I am in-session for what I consider my "pièce de résistance," the Anat Baniel Method "NeuroMovement" Practitioner course for kids with special needs, seniors, stroke patients, peak performers, etc., which concludes late 2019. I believe a person's well-being can be approached from different angles with various modalities. ”‹ I provide private and online consultation services as a certified Bulletproof Coach, Advanced NeuroOptimal Trainer, and Matrix Reimprinting / EFT / PSYCH K / Anat Baniel (in-person only) sessions for a variety of issues, both physical and emotional.


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