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Farah Ali

Street Vancouver, BC, V5N 1B1
City/Town Vancouver
State/Province British Columbia
Country Canada
Certification Renewal Date 2021-06-26
Work phone +1.778.233.4113

Are you having trouble having a healthy relationship with your partner? Do you find you are not acting like yourself in your romantic relationship? Are you looking for your ideal partner and don't know how? I work with people having relationship challenges, working with couples in their 30s to 50s that are feeling stuck and even contemplating ending their relationships. I specialize in working with both partners together, and often work with one partner alone. I also work with singles looking to find their ideal partner. Having grown up with parents that bickered and constantly put each other down, I've seen the wider unintended impacts of marital strife. I don't have personal baggage to work through in this arena, having never divorced myself, and being in a happy, committed, long-term relationship. I come as a clean slate with unbiased support for you and your specific situation. I use approaches that have been applied on thousands of people with relationship issues. I spent a long time looking for a perfect partner, and tried everything under the sun-- all the self help books, all the outside advice I could find. I felt clueless and there is so much contradictory advice that I ended up confused. I thought I'd never figure things out. I learned how to be crystal clear through a powerful process for getting specific, and combined it with EFT. Only after doing this did I find my ideal partner. In addition to my work with couples, I now help smart singles who are successful in other areas and are feeling blocked in figuring out how to find their ideal partner to get clarity.


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