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Hang Boge

City/Town Honolulu
State/Province Hawaii
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2017-05-01
Work phone 808.255.5667

I am Hang Boge, your Emotional and Money Breakthrough Specialist. I was born in Tuy-Hoa and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I became an accomplished athlete in Vietnam at a very young age. At the peak of my career I was undefeated for five years at the highest level of tumbling and acrobatics. I immigrated from Vietnam to Hawaii with my family at the age of 13. Soon after moving to the U.S., I was forced to retire due to chronic back pain. I then started to have a lot of other chronic physical and emotional pain, and at that time I didn”t understand they were connected. The pain drove me on a quest to find answers inside myself. I felt extremely overwhelmed and stifled and STUCK in my work and personal life. This stopped me from living up to my fullest potential. Everything looked normal and happy on the outside ”“ no one would have known all of this was going on inside me. I continued to search for answers to the challenges I had during this time, and in the process of developing the skills and gaining awareness for myself, I naturally started to help those around me who were suffering with their own challenges. I realized I wasn”t alone, and I found myself being able to help more and more people. I started out helping my gymnasts, then gym parents, then gym coaches, then my friends, then elite athletes, then award winning magicians, then actors and actresses, and performers of all kinds, then professional women, then women entrepreneurs. One thing that all of these wide range of clients had in common is that they are all highly-motivated individuals who desperately wanted to get unstuck, wanted to experience more in life and wanted to give back more to the community. That”s how I got into this mission of helping others to be UNSTUCK so they can fully LIVE and EXPERIENCE LIFE. As I strived to experience my life to the fullest, I came to realize MONEY is one of the big pieces to the life puzzle. I struggled to reconcile my need for money to survive with my perception of what it meant to have money. That struggle really paralyzed me from helping others. So I decided to dive in and learn how to gracefully earn money with integrity and spirituality. The turning point for me was when I gave myself permission to make money so I could take care of myself. Because of that, I can be in the best place to help others do the same thing. Learning how to fit the money piece in my life really uplifted my life. What I have discovered is that MONEY has its purpose and it wants to used wisely to support life and our highest purpose. In our society we need money to survive, so our philosophy and beliefs about money have a big impact on our experiences. I understand that money is not the only value in life. I want to help you breakthrough your own money beliefs and limitations so you can support yourself and your highest purpose in this life. Ultimately, we can feel better, perform better and live better when our spirit is aligned with how we earn money. I believe that we ALL can have a life that aligns with our spirit and our TRUE identity. That is how I live my life and I hope to inspire you to do the same! If you are ready to breakthrough your own blocks, I invite you to get your spot for a Breakthrough Session with me


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