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Heather Jones

City/Town Leichhardt
Country Australia
Certification Renewal Date 2023-01-06

A business professional and performer turned practitioner, Heather has first-hand experience of using Clinical EFT to help manage performance anxiety as well as chronic pain.   She is Certified in Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), through EFT Universe and is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, through the Usui School.   Her experiences in her professional consulting career to date, her creative endeavours as a musician and her ongoing management of a chronic condition she has have all helped build Heather's understanding of the impacts performance anxiety and ongoing pain can have on daily life. And why she turned to these energy techniques to help.   She has built up experience with EFT clients across a range of areas including traumatic events, phobias, anxiety, workplace bullying, the burden of being a long-term carer, social phobia, pain management and family relationships.   Enthusiastic and empathetic, you will be in safe hands as Heather helps you 'lift the rug' and explore what is holding you back.


Things my tapping clients have said about their sessions with me


“Heather is gifted with perception and healing hands so her tapping and reiki treatments are seriously special experiences. They make me feel warm and free. She has a sunny demeanour and is so easy to open up to. I would highly recommend her.”

“Heather is such a kind and gentle person with a passion for energy healing and helping people. She has an open heart and curious mind which really helps with the processing of things. I found the sessions very comforting and helpful.”

“Heather is a joy to work with, whether she is using reiki or tapping. She naturally creates a safe space to heal, guiding gently as we tap, or moving energy with reiki. Her ability to suspend judgement and work with whatever comes up for me meant that I was instantly able to trust her to do this work. I have physically felt energy move in my body and believe she has a true healing talent.”

“Heather is a very intuitive person and really knows how to get to the heart of my issues and help me improve my wellbeing and work through the things that are holding me back. I would certainly recommend heather for a tapping and reiki session – I always feel so much more peaceful after a session with her .”

I am happy to put you in touch with the authors of any of these testimonials to get a first-hand account.


Amazing Heather


I have been seeing Heather for EFT and Reiki on a regular basis over the past 12 months . I have found her to be such a compassionate and empathetic soul. She really wants to help me with my personal issues and to see me move forward with my life and to live the life I deserve without being burdened by past traumas . I feel my mental and spiritual well-being has improved so much with Heather’s guidance and her EFT techniques and I am going to continue to see her in the coming months as I work on myself and my issues . I certainly recommend Heather if you are looking for a kind hearted and caring practitioner.


Heather gave me the tools to change my life


Heather is an amazing practitioner, her skills enabled me to feel totally supported as we worked through issues, both past and present, in my life. I am a carer for both my parents, one with Dementia, the other with a stroke. She was able to create a place of safety for me while i was dealing with multiple layers of emotional distress and physical exhaustion. This treatment has had a significant and positive impact on my ability to cope in a stressful situation and I am truly thankful for her warmth, understanding and professionalism. I highly recommend her. Thank you Heather you are awesome!