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Jennifer Jackson

Street 324 S Lexington Dr
City/Town Folsom
State/Province California
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2018-01-06
Work phone 530.417.3188

Having a healthy relationship to sleep, food, and stress are the basic building blocks for creating a life of vibrant health and joy. Yet most of us continue to struggle in one or more of these areas. Do any of these scenarios sound like a distant memory or long-lost dream? ”¢ Sleeping peacefully through the night on a regular basis ”¢ Attaining ”“ and maintaining ”“ a healthy weight ”¢ Moving freely in your body ”¢ Feeling peaceful, purposeful, and passionate about your life If you yearn for any of the above, and feel like you”ve tried everything but nothing has worked so far, I have good news for you. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY. I work with people who are tired of bumping up against the same issues they have had for years or decades and are hungry for deep, lasting changes. My clients are ready to roll up their sleeves and take responsibility for their own health, but are looking for someone to shine the light before them and guide them on the path. I am intimately familiar with feeling frustrated and stuck with the same issues. For three decades I struggled with chronic insomnia and throughout that time was always looking for answers. At last I found EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and have finally been able to move beyond insomnia and create a life of purpose and joy. It is now my mission and passion to help others develop a positive relationship with the basics of vibrant living: sleep, food, stress, and -- most importantly -- themselves. Are you ready to discover the missing peace to deep healing and vibrant living? Email me today at jen@discoverthemissingpeace.com for a free consultation.


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