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Jenny Johnston

Street 4 Apollo Crt
City/Town Frankston
State/Province Victoria
Country AU
Work phone 61405147265

As an EFT Universe Trainer since 2011, I have trained hundreds of people in Clinical EFT and seen thousands of private clients in my practice as an EFT Practitioner since 2005. I am a retired Occupational Therapist (OT for over 30 years), a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. I enjoy teaching EFT to other health professionals as well as those with a thirst to learn EFT for themselves and help others with it. I work by zoom with clients from all over the world, as well as in person in Melbourne, Australia. I have a passion for allowing people to get out of stress, trauma and survival mode, so that they can find peace and find who they really are. I love to see people find their passion and purpose in life again. I am extremely intuitive and love to help people connect with their spirituality. As the Founder of Quantum EFT for the Soul, I combined my spiritual knowledge and trauma specialty into a technique called Quantum EFT and combine Quantum EFT with past life regression in my Quantum EFT Workshops. I use either or both Clinical EFT and Quantum EFT to suit the needs/beliefs of my client and to get to the origins of the negative pattern/belief/reaction in order to process and release it and to create a healthier positive belief/pattern with an understanding of the soul learning/lesson behind it. I am the author of the Tailenders chapter in the EFT resource book, "The Clinical EFT Handbook" and the Best Selling Author of “Tapping into Past Lives” and “Your Past Life Inheritance”. I am available for free 15 min chat sessions from my websites, www.jennyjohnston.com.au and www.quantumeft.com.au to discuss your needs. I also have a You Tube Channel, “EFTAustralia”, with hundreds of free EFT videos, many filmed in EFT and Quantum EFT Workshops and shared with permission of the subject for others to learn from and gain borrowed benefits from. Playlists include - Grief and Loss, Physical conditions, Cravings, Quantum EFT, Gentle Techniques, Movie Technique, PTSD, Fears and Phobias. See here - https://www.youtube.com/user/EFTAustralia Warm Regards, Jenny Johnston


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