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Joanne M Kingston

Street 15 ORCHARD ST
State/Province New York
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2022-01-03
Work phone 518.281.2644

Most of us are accustomed to the feelings of “fight or flight” experienced in high-stress situations. We know all-too-well the physiological response to stressful situations over which we feel we have no control. However, do you know the opposite of “fight or flight”? Many of us are not as familiar with “rest and digest,” yet it is a necessary physiological process, essential to ensure an optimally-functioning nervous system. Fire fighters, police, EMTs and other professionals are trained to assist people who are in stressful situations. These professionals are called First RESPONDERS, not first REACTORS. Do you react, or do you respond, when stressed? What tools do you have to bring yourself into the “rest and digest” mode? Have you trained yourself to use those tools to respond to stress in a way that will give you ease and build your resilience? Do you know what triggers your stress? Relationships, work, school, emotions, negative thoughts and money are high on people”s trigger list. What approach do you use to cope with those triggers? Additionally, do you believe that all stress is bad? Can stress also be a motivator? Is there a way to re-frame unhelpful thought habits into powerful tools for success? As a Certified EFT Practitioner, with a background as a social worker in both mental health and Hospice, I educate clients on how stress occurs in the body and how thoughts can affect stress. Each person may view and feel stress differently, so I tailor strategies to the individual client”s needs. I assist clients in identifying their provocations or triggers. I teach techniques to reduce stress and to cope with feelings of being overwhelmed, enabling individuals to respond in a way which facilitates ease. I use EFT, mindfulness and other techniques in a supportive, collaborative atmosphere to guide clients in managing their stress more effectively. This empowers them to handle challenges and to feel more peace in all areas of their lives. Sessions available via Skype. In-person sessions available on a case-by-case basis.




Joanne is AMAZING! During our work together, I was finally able to identify and clear a HUGE block that was keeping me from living my life. She knows exactly what questions to ask and how to lovingly and safely keep me from running away from where I need to be. Using EFT and her other methods we were able to clear my block and I am excited and feeling really good for the first time in a very long time!! I am SO GRATEFUL to have found her and be working with her!!