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Joanna Trierweiler

City/Town Kingston
State/Province Washington
Country US
Business Name Life Can be Easier EFT
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Women's Issues
Certification Renewal Date 1750878000
Work phone 360.860.0099

I love working with women who want to serve God and others joyfully but find that physical, emotional, and mental symptoms are making that difficult. I was disabled by chronic illness and all the other effects of early childhood stress and trauma until I learned how to heal and turn it all around. Now I'm living a purposeful and active life again - and I want that for you too. EFT was one of many tools I discovered along the way, and now I'm enthusiastic about helping other women use it on their own journey to better health and more vibrant lives. Not only can EFT be used to stabilize, calm and relax us but it can also help us change our relationship to long-time triggers/stressors, release us from the mental and emotional blocks that hold us back and help us move forward with less resistance. PLUS - it's a tool you take with you beyond our sessions and use on your own to take back your day-to-day life! ​ I use Emotional Freedom Techniques, inner child work, visualization and a self-compassionate approach. Because healing is multi-faceted, and EFT is but one tool, I also direct my clients to other resources and learning - My perspective and work are trauma and Poly Vagal-informed. ​ What if you could stop fighting your body, thoughts and emotions and really start living? What if life could be easier for you?? Let's Chat!


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