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Julie Eisenberg

Street 11 Arbor Road
City/Town Saint Louis
State/Province Missouri
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2020-10-11
Work phone 314.494.8437

THE ROAD TO SELF-EMPOWERMENT DOESN”T NEED TO BE TAKEN ALONE. NOT ONLY WILL WE GIVE YOU THE MAP, WE WILL HOLD YOUR HAND ALONG THE WAY. WE BELIEVE IN YOU! LET US HELP YOU GET THERE. As mother and daughter, we have seen our family wrestle with and nearly break from anxiety. When we thought there was nowhere else to turn, we learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Using the this technique, we grew from our struggle. We started off with just using EFT. Later, My mom, Julie decided she wanted something more, that is when she discovered Steven Kessler”s 5 Personality Patterns. Our family is now stronger than ever because we didn”t stop looking for answers. We know what it”s like to hurt, with our story we can now positively empower you and your family. As a devoted mother and grandma, I constantly seek resources to help my children and grandchildren to cope with their challenges beyond placing a Band-Aid over their struggles. Each of my children and grandkids present different needs that I am intuitively able to recognize. I adapt my relationship with each child just as I customize individual sessions for you. I began exploring the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in an effort to help Carly combat her debilitating anxiety. Just as I always seek to explore the core of my family”s challenges, I bring this same level of compassion, empathy and integrity to teaching YOU how to solve your problems and provide you with resources needed to be your best self. My goal is to provide YOU with the same safe space that I provide for my family. After experiencing EFT's benefits first-hand and seeing how this self-help tool positively affected the people I love, I knew I needed to embark on a mission to empower YOU. While EFT helped Carly have a self-help tool at any moment to calm down, I wanted to get to the core of where her anxiety had stemmed from. I have trained extensively with the top teachers of the techniques and am skilled at helping YOU unlock your full potential of EFT Tapping and the 5 Personality Patterns. I will get to the core of why YOU are feeling overwhelmed and stressed towards certain situations. My integrity, compassion and empathy make me an excellent practitioner and a skilled mentor in helping YOU recharge, energize and change your life. All my love, Julie


Julie is amazing

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Julie is a fantastic EFT practitioner. I have had five sessions with her so far, and I am already experiencing deep healing from working with her. Since I started working with her, I have had breakthroughs on a weekly basis that under normal circumstances would have taken me months to get through. I can feel the effects of a session with her in my body afterwards-I feel more open, more in touch with myself, and more alive. She is skilled and intuitive, able to read my energy and understand where and how I’m blocked-often more able to articulate and make sense of my problems than I am. She is also incredibly understanding and compassionate, and i feel safe, accepted, and seen during my sessions with her. I would highly recommend Julie as an EFT practitioner.