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Julie Jacky

City/Town Melbourne
State/Province Florida
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2018-09-24
Work phone 651.283.4344

Are you ready to release and let go of what is holding you back? Julie welcomes those who are ready to break free of what holds you back, and resolve the issues that keep you from your best life. Whether it's a longstanding issue, physical pain, trauma, money issues, anxiety or lack of self-love/worth/confidence, you'll find Julie to be friendly and supportive guide to facilitate your arrival, to emotional freedom. Julie is also a Certified Financial Coach with the heart of a teacher that loves helping people with practical steps that move them from debt to wealth. She also, with EFT, helps people release the emotional side of money that holds them back from achieving success and financial freedom. EFT is one of my favorite tools of choice, and I'll help you to master it, too! I offer 1:1 sessions over zoom or the phone. I offer group workshops and Tapping circles online and in-person. Let's get started on your best you, right now!


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