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Karen Charman

Street Shandaken, NY, 12480
City/Town Shandaken
State/Province New York
Country United States
Work phone 845.688.2977

Hello and welcome! I recognize that each one of us is uniquely gifted and worthy of being our best, happiest, and healthiest selves! I am passionate about helping people clear away the layers of energetic stress that gum up the works and get in the way, whether it manifests physically, emotionally, or spiritually. As a highly sensitive person with a lot of childhood trauma and subsequent life-altering health challenges, this has been my journey. After successfully dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, multiple food allergies, fibromyalgia, and more with BioSET, in 2010 I became a BioSET practitioner. I have since become certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code and am thrilled to add EFT to my toolkit! With my nearly three-decade background as an award-winning investigative environmental journalist, I am naturally curious and very good at quickly zeroing in on core issues. Using EFT, I have helped people heal from severe childhood trauma, creative blocks, hoarding, sugar addiction, anxiety, and more. Whatever your issue(s), I would be honored to help you release what is holding you back. I offer remote sessions via Zoom, Skype, or phone. If you are in New York's Hudson Valley or the Catskill Mountains, I am also very happy to work with you in person in Shandaken, New Paltz, or at Healing Arts and Chiropractic Center in Albany. Feel free to call me at 845-688-2977 or email me at: karen@yourbodyknows.info. If you would like more information about me and my practice, I invite you to visit my website: http://www.yourbodyknows.info. Yours in good health!


Great EFT help!


Karen is wonderful to work with! I deal with misophonia (self-diagnosed) which is basically an extreme sensitivity to and irritation with certain sounds. I contacted Karen at a time when this “irritation” was basically ruling my life. She is absolutely wonderful! She has always been compassionate and understanding. She is so genuine in her desires to help and I truly believe she has helped me to improve my quality of life. Although my misophonia has not disappeared, when I have been able to consistently meet with Karen, she has helped me to reduce the severity of my reaction to certain triggers. What has helped me even more is the sense of peace and calm I am left with at the end of our sessions. I feel less panic that this is what my life will be like forever. I feel confident that things can and will improve. For this I will be forever grateful to Karen!