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Karl Dawson

Street 2 Popes Meadow
City/Town Astwood Bank
Country United Kingdom
Certification Renewal Date 2022-01-01
Work phone 0044(0)7986391652

As one of only 28 EFT Masters Worldwide given this status by the original founder of EFT in 2006, I encourage everyone to come and attend my EFT practitioner courses to get a deep understanding of the principles of EFT. I use cutting edge diagnostics to find the root cause of disease and also implement my unique EFT technique ”˜Matrix Reimprinting”. Through monthly practitioner courses in the UK and internationally, my passion is to share EFT. Not only to existing practitioners and therapists, such as NHS professionals, hypnotherapists, NLP-ers, councillors, psychologists, CBT-ers and many other conventional, alternative and complementary therapists, but to all who want to help themselves and those close to them to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. If you need more information on this compelling self-help technique and wish to discuss how EFT can help you, please contact me or attend a course to see first hand this effective technique. I believe there is no tool more powerful than these life-changing techniques.


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