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Kathleen Rafter

Street 234 Arbor Dr NE
City/Town Rockford
State/Province Michigan
Country US
  • Allergies
  • At Risk Teenagers
  • Relationships
  • Self Image
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Stress and Anxiety
Certification Renewal Date 2024-04-27
Work phone 616.540.6913

Are you tired of the struggle and the juggle? Would you like to create real inner peace and abundance? Kathleen will help you to: Discover your true life's purpose; dissolve limiting beliefs and self-doubt; and get into action, to attract more abundance in a quick, easy, and simple manner...So that you can live the type of life that you've always dreamed of... and deserve to have. She is not only a certified EFT practitioner but also a certified Life Coach, personally trained by Spiritual Mentor and Feng Shui Master, Marie Diamond. Kathleen's mission is to create Enlightened Healing for the world...to Enlighten 100 million people worldwide. Come join her at kathleenrafter.com!


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