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Kitty Mrache

Street 3120 Trout Gulch Rd
City/Town Aptos
State/Province California
Country United States
  • Anger
  • Animals/Pets
  • At Risk Teenagers
  • Children's Issues
  • Family/Marital Issues
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Pain Management
  • Pregnancy, Birth, New Families
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Trauma (accident/single event)
  • Trauma from Abuse (physical, emotional, mental, sexual, etc.)
  • Women's Issues
Work phone 831.662.3393

In 2011, my daughter introduced me to EFT. I was astounded how quickly I was able to release and heal all of my childhood trauma. After practicing & teaching natural healing methods for over 45 years, I realized that EFT is the most effective way of healing trauma, so I decided to dedicate myself to assisting people to transform themselves with EFT. Witnessing my clients' quick healings, I was so inspired: EFT is an incredibly powerful way to clear trauma, pain, anxiety and help people and humanity move forward toward self-worth, love and kindness. I would love to support you to clear your issues and trauma so you can create the joy and love in your life that you deserve. Having been married to 2 different husbands for 50 years, I have a deep understanding on what makes relationships joyful and what destroys them. If you as a woman have been struggling with control (or lack of) issues, using EFT we can clear out the childhood and adult trauma that could be holding you back and keeping you from knowing your inner power, joy and strength. I have taught mediation and helped people connect with their Higher Selves for 40 years. For the last 45 years, I have studied and taught many healing modalities from Touch for Health, Spiritual Mind Healing, Universal White Time Healing to Gemstone Healing. I have also taught elementary school and raised 4 kids. Unrelated to my coaching, I am also very interested in finding ways to help people with ADD - which I feel makes them creative - to use tapping to focus and be productive. Let me know if you want to experiment with techniques that utilize tapping or holding acupressure points.


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