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Kurtis Anderson

City/Town Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Country United States

How do you manage stress and overcome anxiety to unlock your highest potential? How do you identify and rewrite the beliefs that are holding you back? How do you consciously change the unconscious?   These are the questions I specialize in helping you answer. You can use EFT and Energy Psychology to rewire your stress response and patterns of thought in challenging situations. You can use relaxation and meditative techniques to connect to your desired life vision in minutes. You can use the science of behavior design to create new habits that will positively shift your genetic expression.   I am a certified Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology practitioner specializing in clearing emotional intensity to maximize performance. I have helped clients overcome stress and anxiety related to public speaking, interviewing, athletic performance, writer”s block, physical pain, relationship issues, creativity blocks, career direction, and financial goals.   Book a free, no-obligation, 30-minute EFT experience by visiting subconsiouseft.com to learn basic EFT dramatically reducing your stress and anxiety related to a challenging situation.


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