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Lis Dunn

Street Park Avenue
City/Town Avalon
State/Province New South Wales
Country Australia
  • Children's Issues
  • Pain Management
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Stress and Anxiety
Certification Renewal Date 2024-01-28
Work phone 61407776111

Find your best life with EFT and allow energy to serve you EFT is not psychotherapy or counselling but it can help you remove energy patterns that are holding you back, simply by tapping on acupressure points and being open to what comes up. Your inner being knows exactly which negative patterns need healing and in what order. Eft just helps you connect into your own higher wisdom. You are the one that does the healing, I just show you the process. Over time I’ve studied many healing modalities like Reiki, Holographic Repatterning, Neuro Linguistic Programming… plus I’ve been the recipient of many more. EFT is my favourite because it’s easy to learn and you can do it yourself. (Coaches like me just speed the process up a little). I believe everything manifests around energy patterns, from molecules and microbes to memories, thoughts and beliefs. Even the biggest problems are just energy patterns that are waiting to be resolved. Outmoded beliefs and hidden fears don’t need to create drama in your life for one moment longer. Let EFT clear the way for your wise self to nudge you along on the path to your best life. You deserve it.


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