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Lou Ellyn Jones

City/Town Olympia Lacey Tumwater
State/Province Washington,D.C
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2016-04-19
Work phone 360.628.6460

I help people clear emotional blocks to what they want in life or to help solve limiting habits of thinking or behavior. When I first discovered EFT (randomly, on the internet), I was recovering from a failed relationship with someone I had truly loved. I didn't think I could ever find my way out of the despair, grief and hopelessness. But I did, using EFT and some other tools. Ever since, I have wanted to share the amazing experience of healing with others. Many of my clients grew up in an alcoholic home or have long-term recovery from alcoholism, the family disease of alcoholism, or eating disorders. EFT has been very useful in increasing self awareness and helping people to free themselves from the effects of past traumatic events. I also use Matrix Reimprinting, another form of EFT, to tap into memories of past events and recreate more empowering outcomes. My wish is to assist others in discovering the clarity, confidence, and resilience that comes through emotional freedom.


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