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Michelyn Gjurasic

Street PO Box 12297
City/Town Olympia
State/Province Washington,D.C
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2020-10-16
Work phone 360.561.1591

EFT is the single most powerful tool I have found for dealing with a wide range of issues, from emotional first aid to long-held negative or limiting beliefs, and I'd love to show you how to use it or to support you in using it more deeply. What is getting in the way of your being happy? You may know what your particular blocks are, or you may not. I quickly get to the heart of your core issues, so that your time with me is used efficiently and productively. EFT is not therapy; rather, it is a powerful yet gentle, scientifically-backed tool for zeroing in on what is truly holding you back and then clearing it without medication or side effects. In addition to being a certified EFT practitioner with EFT Universe, I am also an Advanced Hand Analyst with the International Institute for Hand Analysis. Your hands contain a map of your life's patterns and purpose. They are not predictive, but they do point the way for more clarity, choice, and power in your life. In sessions with me, you may focus solely on EFT or incorporate hand analysis simultaneously. I find the combination to be laser-focused and highly transformational. You may work with me in person in my Olympia office, or online using Zoom or Skype. I welcome your inquiries and look forward to talking with you.


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