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Murielle Fellous

Street 29B Uziel Street
City/Town Ramat Gan
State/Province Israel
Country Israel
Business Name Co-Parenting With The Universe®
  • Anger
  • Children's Issues
  • Family/Marital Issues
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Pain Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Self Image
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Trauma (accident/single event)
Work phone WhatsApp

EFT in English, French or Hebrew - If you struggle with anxiety, guilt, fear, overwhelm, situational depression, difficult relationships or parenting, that was me too! I am a Certified Quantum Coach and CLinical EFT practitioner and podcast host. As I raised 3 self-destructive teenagers on my own, I spiralled into constant anxiety and depression, feeling hopeless and powerless to a point where I just wanted to disappear... EFT combined with spirituality and brain training tools brought me back. It could do the same for you! Let's connect so you can experience EFT


An extraordinary experience


Murielle Fellous is a wonderful life coach and EFT practitioner who speaks both French and English as myself, she has many wellness tools at her disposal. I feel at peace in her presence, sharing wholeheartdly my life details with her, so that some clarity and healing can happen for my highest good. My last session with her has been a new gift in my life renewal and regeneration.

I can see now, how much I have grown out of my own past difficulties and challenges, thanks to her clear guidance and developped intuition, unconditional loving regard, which she uses freely and accurately.

She helped me travel with awareness throughout my own big life events, those which have caused me pain, suffering and difficulties and with her own skills and talents, I could see things in a higher perspective, detached from the emotional charge associated with it ; I could feel stronger and definitely lighter with burdens lifted from my own energy field. After the EFT Coaching session, I was feeling more present, anchored, really rooted into my own being, free to make new choices with ease and yet more at peace with my past.

Thank you Murielle!


Great if you want to shift cravings!


Murielle helped me tremendously to correct a bad habit around craving chocolate! I was indulging everyday and couldn’t stop myself! Since our session I have stopped the habit completely and even when I think of it, I’m not tempted. She brilliantly helped me finally understand and resolve what was underneath that was causing that automatic behavior. It even carried over to other cravings I had. I highly recommend Murielle!


Wonderful and highly recommended practitioner


Murielle gives me treatments that touch me deeply, right to the core root, all in a very supportive, embracing and very precise way.

It’s amazing how many old thought patterns and hard feelings can change in one treatment – years of difficulty are given visibility and space, and everything becomes easier and lighter than ever.

Murielle is a really special and talented therapist, and I highly recommend her ❤️ and am already waiting for the next treatment ❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻