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Naheed Oberfeld

Street Germantown
State/Province Maryland
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2021-03-30
Work phone 301.633.0305

Do you have AMBITIOUS plans for your professional success? Are you looking to GROW your business or take on high profile leadership positions in the corporate world? Maybe you are also looking for greater professional FULFILLMET, confidence, and joy. There are times in our career when we hit a plateau or are faced with an obstacle that feels too difficult to overcome by ourselves. Does that sound like you? As a SUCCESS COACH I help you make the leap in your profession or business AND release the near constant stress and struggle that we are taught to expect and accept! It's not about working harder, smarter, or being more disciplined or diligent. Rather, it's about realizing something important -- what's really holding you back are OLD messages that were picked up at a young age that still influence you. These messages act as BRAKES that slow down success and they have a real cost. They drain us financially, emotionally, and physically. Imagine what life would look like when you've uncovered and released these old messages. I've helped clients...be HIRED for their dream jobs...pass difficult certification TESTS...GROW their book of business by 400%, and...achieve their greatest level of PROFITABILITY in all their years of business. But the most important benefit is that they also learn to love themselves and their lives. They are joyful, CONFIDENT, feeling in charge of their future, and aren't impacted by past triggers in the same way. If this where you'd like to see yourself, contact me for a no obligation, complementary coaching call. I guarantee that you will walk away with greater CLARITY on how to step firmly on the path of your choosing.


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