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Nicholas Chalmers

Street Sarasota Florida
City/Town Sarasota
State/Province Florida
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2021-12-21
Work phone 207.256.9117

Nicholas Chalmers is the founder of The Worthiness Zone, which specializes in helping people find love later in life through EFT. A student of masculine psychology, particularly involving love relationships, he has completed the New Warrior Training Adventure, is a participant in a weekly men”s group, and has facilitated more than fifty workshops on meditation and living a natural, conscious lifestyle. He holds a certificate in Addictions and Substance Abuse from the University of South Florida. After living simply at a meditation center for most of his 20”s and early 30”s, he took a cross country motorcycle trip, interviewing exceptional leaders, before starting his business, meeting the love of his life, and settling down in Sarasota, FL. He utilizes clinical EFT with clients to clear out roadblocks towards realizing their fullest potential - even beyond what many clients thought possible.


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