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Paola Borgia

Street Paola Borgia, Flemington, Vic, Australia
City/Town Flemington
State/Province Victoria
Country Australia
Certification Renewal Date 2022-03-30
Work phone 043.216.8846

Hi, In order to explain what I do, I chose to describe my work through the words of one of my client: "My coaching experience with Paola was unforgettable. I have had plenty of coaching in my life and in fact have been a life coach myself at some point. If you have the chance to get a session with her, take it. That”s all I can say. Besides her amazing tool set and skills, working with her felt like coming home to the safest place in the heart of someone who accepts and loves you unconditionally while at same time being pushed with gentle persistence to the change work needed. Weeks after our sessions I still noticed ripple effects from the newly emerged parts of myself, born anew through this work and unleashed in their power and beauty. Thank you Paola!" Gabi G.


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