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Patricia Schebsdat-Sciuto

Work phone +41 774.127.573

I help women who want to become pregnant, are currently pregnant or are new to motherhood to live a more harmonious life, feel better about themselves and feel strong and resilient. I was very stressed during my pregnancy and the early years of raising my son, and we both suffered as a result. The use of EP methods has made a tremendous improvement in the relationship with my son; if only I had been aware of EP much sooner it would have saved us both much stress, sadness and trouble. That is why I decided to dedicate my time to helping women in these phases of their lives. Being a parent is not an easy task and nobody prepares you for that. I look forward to working with you and helping you manage your stress, become more resilient and find the beauty in life. I was born in Perú and have lived in Switzerland since 2004. I love living here, but with the “transplantation” to a foreign country I encountered many challenges. My health deteriorated and as I was not finding answers in traditional medicine, I began searching for alternatives and started looking within. I had to overcome many of my own fears, that”s when I discovered the magic of EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology (EP). They have helped me transform my life, my relationships, heal many old wounds and traumas and my view of life and still play an important role in my healing journey. Visit www.feelchooserelease.com to book a free, 20-minute session and find out more about how can I help you. Languages: English, German, Spanish


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