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Paula Tutein

Street 300 Diamond Bridge Ave
City/Town Hawthorne
State/Province New Jersey
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2018-03-31
Work phone 973.427.6604

I bring an innate curiosity, sense of humor, compassion, and the ability to see from many perspectives as I work with my clients. I continue to add to my coaching toolbox and my own personal development on a regular basis. My journey includes over 20 years of leadership and management experience, serving in the United States Coast Guard early in my career, working at both small and large organizations, learning to embrace my gifts, challenging myself regularly, and participating in various volunteer activities. In addition to my EFTUniverse Certification, I hold a Master Intergral CoachTM Certification from Integral Coaching Canada. I am a Core Values IndexTM Certified Coach through Taylor Protocols, Inc. and I earned a Masters in Business Administration from Pace University. I also graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. I am inspired by nature and the ideas of others. What do others say about my work? “Paula is a great coach - working with her has been a revelation!” “You are a decent, honest person who truly cares about your friends and colleagues. You helped ground the people around you and provided clear thinking”¦..You also treated everyone as equals, which was refreshing for many people.” “You taught me the value of asking questions and taking time to think steps and their potential consequences through before taking action.” "You have a great sense of humor." Life can be like a roller coaster, a rocket heading into the unknown, quicksand, a circus, an obstacle course, etc. You've gotten here and are now looking for something more. That something more is important to you and your ready to take a look from another perspective. Here are some of the issues I've worked on with individuals: ”¢ Stress management. ”¢ Having more presence. ”¢ Exploring the question "Who am I?" ”¢ Reducing fears. ”¢ Anger management. ”¢ Work performance. ”¢ Building confidence. ”¢ Greater self-acceptance. ”¢ More effective self-promotion. ”¢ Becoming less resistant to structure. ”¢ Improved communication. I'd love to hear from you in order to explore how I can be of service to you. If we should decide to work together, a customized program is co-created in recognition of topics/issues, businesses, organizations, and individuals each being unique. The program guides the work and supports recognition/measurement of progress. I work with businesses, organizations, and individuals in areas including: ”¢ Leadership. ”¢ Teamwork. ”¢ First time supervisor support. ”¢ Life-work balance. ”¢ Increased confidence. ”¢ Greater productivity. ”¢ Improved communication. ”¢ Anger management. ”¢ Being more fear-less. ”¢ Stress management.


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