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Penny Hill

City/Town Portland
State/Province Oregon
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2019-06-21
Work phone 503.493.5954

I have had a private Massage Therapy practice since 1990. I became an EFT coach so I could finally get to the real source of my client's pain. I work with people who have chronic pain get to the source and get rid of it for good. Along the way we'll address the trauma of the diagnosis, the grief of a life changing diagnosis: yours or a loved one's. We'll clear the subconscious underpinnings holding the pain in place. We'll build a new, freer, happier relationship between you and your body and any remaining pain. We'll put that pain back in it's proper place or perhaps eliminate it all together. We'll establish the habits you need to transform your life into one of more happiness and vibrancy.


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