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Rebecca Ulisse

City/Town Stamford
State/Province Connecticut
Country United States
Business Name Tapping Into Peace with EFT
  • Addictions/Overweight/Compulsions
  • Anger
  • Animals/Pets
  • Business Issues
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Grief
  • Other Physical Issues
  • Pain Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Self Image
  • Serious Diseases
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Trauma (accident/single event)
  • Women's Issues
  • Writer's and Other Creativity Blocks
Original Certification Date 2022-03-22
Certification Renewal Date 2024-03-22
Work phone 203.293.8452

Are you feeling stressed, anxious and/or overwhelmed? Are you struggling with worry, feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome or unworthiness due to the demands of your job? Do you have any fears or phobias that are holding you back or a diagnosis that has you concerned? Do you feel that the weight of the world is starting to impact your health negatively – body aches and pains, overeating, headaches, acid reflux, and other system issues? If so, I understand as that was me before I found EFT (tapping), and now I am here to help you. Together we will breakthrough any subconscious blocks and/or obstacles that may have kept you stuck in unwanted patterns of behavior, emotions and/or pain. You can let go and move forward– there is peace, health and happiness to be found on the other side. Since my tapping journey began, I have healed in ways that I didn’t even realize that I needed to – and more. EFT has also helped me navigate through difficult life situations and emotions as they arise with more clarity and peace, and it can do the same for you. If I can go from the constantly stressed-out, anxious, unhealthy and hurting lawyer that I was to finding peace, joy, balance and health in my everyday, then you can too! I am honored to be able to share this beautiful practice with you and to be your guide to that happy, healthy, confident person that you remember, but may have forgotten how to be along the way.


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