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Robin Friedman

Street 1400 NE Hancock St
City/Town Portland
State/Province Oregon
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2020-08-01
Work phone 203.247.1318

I am fascinated by energy and the subconscious, by the hidden flow of energy in and through our bodies and how it affects our lives. I believe that what's on the INSIDE influences what we manifest on the OUTSIDE. This belief has led to my study of EFT, hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching and energy medicine. I help people who are overwhelmed, scared, or stuck, to get free, to get their energy flowing, and to connect to their inspiration. Then they can step easily into their new lives. Learn how to change your energy so that you feel great! I can help you: Ӣ Lose weight and keep it off. Ӣ Break your financial set point. Ӣ Resolve recurring relationship issues. Ӣ Create change where you are feeling stuck. Visit my website www.RobinFriedmanEnergy.com to sign up to receive my FREE REPORT: "The #1 Simplest, Fastest, Easiest Thing You Can Do To Gain the Co-operation of the Hidden 95% of You!". If you want to chat, go to my scheduling link and choose "Let's Chat" from the menu. I look forward to helping you!


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