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Sonia Niebergall

Street 12874 NW Lorraine Drive
City/Town OR
State/Province Oregon
Country US
Work phone 503.349.1545

EFT changed my life! I would love to help it change yours too. I had voices in my head that I couldn't stop, they would keep me up at night. Many were exaggerated by mind, triggering me to think, feel, and act in ways that I didn't want to be. EFT has gentle techniques, so if you are not comfortable talking about your events, we can use other techniques- I don't need all the details, I focus on your eliminating the emotion tied to the event. You can keep the memory, but with a different emotional tie. My favorite quote is from Deepok Chopra: "Your genes eavesdrop on your beliefs". It is important to free your body from adversity, so your genes can up-level and work in your favor. My ultimate goal is to create a ripple in the consciousness of human kind. The happier you are, the happier your neighbor is, and the happier your neighbor's neighbor is!   I would love for you to try EFT, you will follow me, so no one looks silly alone, I'm right there doing it with you.


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