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Steven Kessler

Street 1061 Eastshore Hwy., Suite 205
City/Town Albany
State/Province California
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2022-01-01
Work phone 510.834.5399

I've been a therapist for 30 years and taught EFT to other therapists for 10 years. It is the kindest, fastest, most effective treatment available. I've had amazing success using EFT on everything from 'personality' to abuse/trauma to relationship issues to fears and addictions. Whatever is troubling you, it's likely I can help you with EFT. I've also published a bestselling book called The 5 Personality Patterns, which lays out a simple and true-to-life map of personality. Knowing this map is like having x-ray vision. It allows you to see what makes people act the way they do and deeply understand them. In my therapy practice, it helps me quickly uncover the client's core wounds so we can begin healing them with EFT. Combining EFT with this map of personality makes it much easier to deliver life-changing healing for my clients. To learn more about it, visit The5PersonalityPatterns.com.


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