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Sylvie Stuart

City/Town Flagstaff
State/Province Arizona
Country US
Business Name Taproot EFT
  • Anger
  • Business Issues
  • Family/Marital Issues
  • Grief
  • Other Physical Issues
  • Relationships
  • Self Image
  • Spiritual Matters
  • Sports and Other Performance
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Trauma (accident/single event)
  • Trauma from Abuse (physical, emotional, mental, sexual, etc.)
  • Writer's and Other Creativity Blocks
Certification Renewal Date 1752253200
Work phone 928.600.2765

I was one of those “don’t let them see you sweat” types. I felt like I was handling all of life stresses really well. I had survived some big losses, “managed” my grief, & was managing a life-threatening illness for over 11 years. I never realized I had life-long anxiety until I was in my 40s. I appeared easy-breezy on the outside, & found I was physically clenching my feet & hands from my unconscious stress. I realized I was dissociating from my body/feelings by being overly positive when hard things happened to me. I always held my entire body tightly, like I was bracing for what was next. I didn’t know how to allow my body to relax. Connecting into my body didn’t feel safe, accessible, or even realistic. EFT shifted all of this for me. I started to feel my feet & hands relax when I would tune into them. I started to take full breaths without thinking about it. I started to acknowledge the feelings I had been hiding, the hurt and the traumas. It was such a gentle process honoring where I was at at every moment, and so peaceful. I let my "messy feelings" out and, to my surprise, I didn’t feel ashamed. I felt immense compassion for the younger versions of me. I came to understand why the old feelings were there and why they didn’t feel safe to be expressed. I discovered when I listened to the emotions I was holding back, it didn’t make them stronger, like I was fearing it would. It just allowed them to be heard. This was an entirely new discovery of processing and releasing them, with Love! The more I did this, the more my body physically & noticeably relaxed, the more my mind became peaceful & the more my spirit felt free! Even more wonderful, I started relating to people differently. I felt challenging relationships start to soften & become safe, loving & supportive. I listened to myself & said what was important to me without any attachment to how it would be received. I automatically began listening deeper. My whole life changed before me in the most beautiful way, & my body began to heal because I was able to not only ask for the help I needed, but to 'accept' others help too. Holding emotions in & not speaking our truth does not keep us or others happy. In fact it does the opposite, and keeps us stuck! It forms an invisible barrier between you and the people you care about, preventing either from really feeling the other person. Funny how our protective shields protect us, & yet at the same time, can so easily cage us in. I invite you to peek out from behind the shield. Love yourself so much that you are willing to embrace ALL parts of you. To step into a more peaceful, powerful & whole being that you are. The world is anxiously awaiting to meet the true & strongest version of you! If you wish, it’s a path that can be supportive, accepting, loving & empowering, I would love the opportunity to walk with you on your journey




I can only describe what Sylvie does as magic! She has helped me with some pain that I was certain was chronic and never going away. I tell my patients about her all the time to shift issues that are acute and chronic. I’d recommend her any day!


Sylvie is amazing!


Sylvie was kind, professional, and so helpful with the needs I had. I will absolutely use her again


Helped me feel more connected to myself


I love my sessions with Sylvie. She creates a safe and friendly space and helps me explore the hidden reasons why something is bothering me. And the process feels so easy and gentle. At the end of a session I always feel better and more at peace. She is helping me feel more resilient and more my truest self. Do yourself a favor and try a session with her!


Supported me through a difficult event


I have had several sessions with Sylvie and her gentle approach to a difficult event – made all the difference.

There is a way to work on events without even talking about them, and Sylvie helped me feel comfortable going into some big emotions and reducing the intensity of the event, which helped me feel better about myself and my role in it. I appreciate her support and non-judgmental approach and look forward to working with her again.


Beautiful experience


The sessions I’ve had so far with Sylvie Stuart were to explore and reflect on pain I’ve been carrying. Sylvie inspires immediate trust. She is able to guide with wisdom, and I really liked the way she uses humor. This is profound mind-body healing.