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Tamey Greene

Street 1539 Ruth St
City/Town Walla Walla
State/Province Washington
Country select country
Business Name MBSFit, LLC
  • Addictions/Overweight/Compulsions
  • Business Issues
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Other Physical Issues
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Self Image
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Trauma (accident/single event)
  • Women's Issues
Certification Renewal Date 1727722800
Work phone 509.421.4750

Hi, I'm Tamey, US Navy Veteran, Astrologer, Coach and EFT Practitioner. My passion is coaching, empowering, inspiring, motivating, and teaching others how to live their best life in mind, body and sould by mastering etheir mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual SELF. Clinical EFT is just one of the tools I use from my toolbox. It's also one of the coolest because I can teach you how to use it on yourself for just about anything and everything. If you're here and you're ready for change, I would love to work with you. Cheers!


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