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Wendy Frado

Street 15021 Ventura Blvd
City/Town Los Angeles
State/Province California
Country United States
Work phone 323.834.8317

I've spent significant amounts of time both as an actor and in various jobs in the corporate world. I speak the language of art, and am acquainted with the challenges of building all of the skill sets necessary for climbing the corporate ladder. I understand the pressures and the requirements of both. I love working with others to solve problems and create balanced success, no matter what the industry; in addition to the formal training I've completed in attaining certifications in life coaching, EFT, and neuro-linguistic programming, I've learned a great deal through surmounting some chronic health issues of my own. EFT has been a life-changing tool for me, and introducing clients to its power and breadth is one of my favorite things! Clients say that what makes me unique includes my non-judgmental acceptance of others, intelligence, creativity, perceptive listening skills, the ability to adjust and reroute on the fly, enthusiasm, a sense of humor and fun, enjoyment of new people and experiences, and a dogged persistence whereby I do not give up on you, ever. Neither should you. Let's get together, help you ditch stress and achieve with confidence!


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