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Alison Morris



United State

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Full Potential Parenting
  • At risk teenagers
  • Children's Issues
  • Family/Marital Issues
  • Relationships
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I am the founder and host of Full Potential Parenting. I'm a “trauma mama” myself and have struggled and continue to struggle with many of the same frustrations and fears you have.It took me much too long to discover approaches to healing that really work, and I want to help spread information and inspiration to as many parents as possible so they don’t have to go down the same lonely, wearisome road alone. As the single adoptive mother of a child with early developmental trauma, attachment issues, and some physical disabilities, I spent a few years confused about what I was experiencing. Then I spent several more years reading and researching and trying various approaches, therapies, protocols, modalities, medications, supplements, and more, hoping to find the one magic thing that would be the key to bringing our family to a state of “normal.” While I never discovered that single miraculous cure, I did discover a whole new world of amazing parents, dedicated professionals, and spiritual teachers who opened my eyes to an astonishing array of therapies, approaches to healing, and paradigms of parenting that have allowed us and so many other families to make enormous strides forward. I've become convinced that the path to healing requires a multi-pronged approach that combines therapeutic/attachment-based parenting along with neurodevelopmental, biomedical/nutritional, structural, energetic, and spiritual approaches to restoring balance and health to both parent and child.

I’m passionate about sharing this hard-won information more broadly -- through expert interviews, training, and support for parents -- so it doesn’t take as much time, effort, energy, and money for other parents to start making progress.I'm so excited to share solutions and strategies with you that could be the key to allowing you and your child to reach your full potential.

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