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Tap to Raise Your Vibe, LLC
  • At risk teenagers
  • Business Issues
  • Children's Issues
  • General EFT Practitioner
  • Self Image
  • Spiritual matters
  • Stress & Anxiety
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Did you know that everything, even thoughts and emotions, are comprised of energy?

Did you know that in order to attain anything different, you have to raise your vibration to the level of that person, situation, or object that you desire?

Did you know that tapping can raise your vibration to help you manifest your dreams and desires?

Imagine a life where:

- You love your work
- You have abundant energy and good health
- You have peaceful and fulfilling relationships
- You have a rich spiritual life and are developing into the person you know you were meant to be!

Don't just imagine it...CREATE IT!

This is the type of life that Kathleen has created for herself. Why not let her help YOU manifest YOUR ideal life?

Email her to set-up a FREE 20 MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION to determine the most important part of your ideal life and how to
start moving forward to make it happen! DO IT NOW!

Don't you deserve it? Learn how to manifest it! If you knew how to do it on your own, you'd already be living it, right?

You CAN do it...with the right tools and a little guidance from a very Present and caring coach who will truly listen to you
and help lead you to where you want to go!

Email Kathleen today at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Kathleen is originally from Chicago, IL. She earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
and worked as a successful professional engineer for 15 years in the Chicago area, conducting her own private practice for 7 of those years.

After she and her husband moved to west Michigan, Kathleen decided that she wanted to work more closely with her clients. She switched to the field of naturopathy and conducted a successful private naturopathic practice for 15 years. What she discovered, though, is that her real calling lies in helping people to create rich and rewarding lives in all areas of life, teaching others how to successfully use the great self-help tool, EFT, along with other effective energy tools.

Kathleen has practiced meditation for almost 40 years. She's been a serious student of: Transcendental Meditation; the Silva Method; Self-Realization Fellowship. She's also studied teachings from: Marie Diamond, Carol Tuttle, Donna Eden, Mindvalley Academy, Learning Strategies, Carl James Harvey, and Spring Forest Qi Gong, among others. She has created a fantastic life using a combination of these various methods and is now helping others to do the same for themselves!

She loves foreign cultures, travel, cooking, gardening, and even speaks French. She currently lives in west Michigan with her husband of 26 years and their Russian-born teen son.


Kathy Rafter may not walk on water, but she pulled off what seemed like a miracle in helping me move through the water faster. I was a consistently slow swimmer, and I wanted to improve my swim pace. When I worked with Kathy, I was swimming freestyle at about 1:10/50m. My goal was 1:00 or less/50m. I had an EFT session with Kathy to work on that goal. The next time I was at the pool after our EFT session, I was able to swim 50m in 58 seconds. A few months later I entered my first masters swim meet and did 50m in 52 seconds and in my 50m leg of a relay, 53 seconds.

Kathy is an amazing and effective EFT practitioner, and also a delight to work with.

~ Liz Zélandais, Madison, WI

Kathy has helped me in two major ways:1.) I don't suffer from allergies much anymore, and I can breathe a lot better now, since I've learned how to tap. 2.) Ever since I've tried to face one one my four major feng shui directions at any given time, I've found that I feel better...that I'm more calm.

~ RF, Rockford, MI

Kathy's EFT process really helped me find my inner calm last December when I was in the middle of making Christmas preparations and packing for an extended trip to Mexico. In Mexico, we would be furnishing and getting systems up for a new condo. (Neither my husband nor I is fluent in Spanish.) It felt quite overwhelming. Kathy helped me reach a tranquil space from which to move out into the tasks that awaited. I am forever grateful.

~ Mary, Waunakee, WI

My husband had purchased a piece of equipment for both of us to use. It was not the brand I would have bought. I had attempted to use it and after spending several hours setting it up, I was getting more and more frustrated. It was not doing what it had been bought to do. After working with Kathy, I was able to honestly and calmly speak to my husband about it. I was able to help him understand that it was not what I had wanted and it was not working for me. With his blessings, I was able to procure a model that had the features I wanted/needed and worked for both of us.
Guided by Kathy, tapping helped me gain perspective on the situation. As a result, both my husband and I were able to come to a solution that was beneficial to both of us.

Thank you, Kathy!

Betty, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Email now to set-up a time for your free 20-minute consultation so that YOU can start to create YOUR ideal life.



What do you have to lose?

Email Kathleen at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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