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Kelly Devine is an EFT Universe Certified EFT Practitioner living in Newcastle, NSW. She is practicing locally as well as meeting with clients virtually over Zoom and Skype.

'Several years ago, I found myself in a pretty challenging situation and as a result I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques. I found EFT so effective and I experienced such a transformation that now when I look back at that situation, I’m grateful it happened! I became a practitioner so I could teach other people how they can overcome even the most difficult issues and situations.'

If you’ve ever wanted to make some improvements to your life; experience more love in your relationships, let go of the past, grow your career, boost your health, change your habits, process grief, anger and other emotions, manage stress, study with more focus and achieve your goals, EFT can support you on your path to success.

Kelly has used EFT personally to process childhood events, reduce and completely remove cravings, manage pain, improve finances and develop healthier self-esteem and confidence.

She works successfully with clients on issues related to stress, anxiety, relationships, procrastination, childhood trauma, weight and health, negative thought patterns, finances, sports performance, running late, career goals and public speaking.

You may like to learn EFT for yourself or so that you can share it with your children, family and friends. Feel free to email Kelly anytime to find out more.

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