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Laura Prechel


Fort Collins

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Raped to Redeemed
  • Sexual Issues
  • Spiritual matters
  • Trauma (sexual)
  • Trauma/Abuse/PTSD
  • Women's Issues
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Christian Emotional Freedom Techniques For Women Healing Sexual Trauma --- Raped to Redeemed is the story of your redemption out of the hell that is rape trauma. Trauma and PTSD are the suffering from abuses and assaults that you have endured, even after they are over. They live in your mind, body and nervous system, haunting you on a daily basis as if the assaults are still happening; blocking you from living your life freely and fully as God intended. Redemption is the releasing and healing of this trauma and PTSD so that you can live your life in His abundant peace, unconditional love and never ending joy. That is truly a redemption, and one you deserve. --- Hi, I'm Laura. As a rape survivor of countless rapes in childhood and adulthood, I’ve lived the pain, suffering and PTSD of rape trauma for 34 years. Through EFT, Inner Child Work, Therapy and Jesus, I have healed tremendous levels of this trauma in the few years that I have known about it. I have now devoted my life to helping women heal safely and gently with the power of Christ’s Holy Spirit infused into emotional freedom techniques sessions. If you are struggling with trauma within the church (you are not alone - me too), I’ll meet you wherever you’re at to help heal that trauma along with the rape trauma. It is through Him and the power of His works that He can truly take away our pain and suffering in this world, and you deserve that.

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