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The Short Path to Oneness


The Short Path to Oneness combines the latest insights from neuroscience with the core practices of ancient traditions to rewire your brain for elevated emotional states. In this advanced training, you practice attaining the Bliss Brain pattern of a meditation Master.

As your brain function stabilizes, neural plasticity kicks in, turning temporary states of wellbeing into permanent personality traits. Those temporary glimpses of flow you’ve so enjoyed in the past? The Short Path to Oneness turns them into pervasive daily experiences. “Life flow” becomes your “new normal.”

Here’s What You Get in the course

  1. A Systematic Curriculum organized into 36 milestones of consciousness common to the world great spiritual traditions.
  2. 30 Exercises carefully designed to move you from milestone to milestone.
  3. An Initial Virtual Assistant at which you’ll get to know your Anamcharyas and your mentor. 7 special meditations designed to shift you into altered states of consciousness.
  4. A Personal Mentor to guide you along each step of the journey.
  5. A Group of Fellow Anamcharyas who provide support and community.
  6. Regular Virtual Group Video Meetings where you can ask questions and share your experiences.
  7. Personal Sessions with a certified practitioner trained to help you clear childhood trauma.
  8. A Second Retreat in which you celebrate the progress you’ve made and prepare your mind for the final part of the journey
  9. Integration Exercises which train you to incorporate the extraordinary states of states of consciousness you’ve mastered into everyday life.
  10. A Graduation Completion in which you evaluate your future path in life.