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Professionals who get the best outcomes for their clients work at the junction of mind, body, emotion and energy. They recognize that unresolved emotional trauma lies at the base of most repetitive and self-defeating behaviors. Like you, they seek efficient and effective techniques that work quickly, and produce results with even the most difficult clients.

EFT is a practical, quickly-learned, hands-on technique for dealing with emotional distress at the deepest level. A news story in Examiner.com called it, “one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed.” Clinical EFT is the evidence-based form of EFT, validated in over 100 scientific studies, and includes 48 distinct techniques.

Many of your clients have heard of EFT or tapping because its popularity has grown rapidly over the past decade. Over 5 million people a month search online for “EFT tapping” and related terms, while the 5 highest-traffic EFT web sites have over 2 million page views a month. That’s all because EFT is so effective that it has spread by word of mouth. Training in EFT gives you a skill your clients want.

Consistently Produce Great Results for Your Clients

Research shows that treatment with Clinical EFT by a trained professional can produce the following results:

  • Reductions in anxiety of 40%+ – sometimes in a single session (Clond, 2015)
  • PTSD is remediated in 84% of veterans in 6 sessions (Sebastian & Nelms, 2016)
  • Overweight clients don’t just lose weight – they keep weight off long-term (Stapleton et al., 2014)
  • Reductions in depression symptoms of 41% (Nelms & Castel, 2016)
  • The elimination or reduction of stress-related conditions (Church, 2013a)
    Follow-up studies show that for most clients, the results last over time (Church, 2013a)
  • Pain levels drop by an average of two-thirds in a 30 minute treatment (Church & Brooks, 2011)
  • The symptoms of autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and fibromyalgia are reduced (Brattberg, 2011; Hodge & Jurgens, 2014)
  • Effects are similar in many different populations, from stressed workers to students to refugees (Boath et al., 2014; Church 2013a)
  • The neutralization of traumatic memories, using memory reconsolidation (Church, 2013b)
  • Reductions in stress hormones like cortisol (Groesbeck et al, 2017)
  • The regulation of inflammation and immunity genes (Maharaj, 2016)

As a professional, wouldn’t you love to produce these results for your clients? Wouldn’t you like a method that consistently and reliably, client after client, is able to reduce the stress that underlies most disease? Wouldn’t a method that simultaneously enhanced both mental and physical wellbeing be great for those you serve? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your clients thriving in all these ways, while enjoying similar improvements in your own health and happiness?

Professional Skills Training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

The Live EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training will train you in the full range of Clinical EFT methods described in The EFT Manual (3rd Ed), the primary source for research and training. The training is intensely practical, with 8+ hours of supervised practice, expert demonstration and feedback. The workshop has 16 modules (4 per day), with each module systematically building on the ones before.

The course begins with a detailed survey of the genetics and physiology of stress, and how EFT’s foundational “movie technique” systematically reduces the emotional pain associated with traumatic memories. You also learn how to use EFT for common problems like addictive cravings, dissociation, phobias, pain, depression and anxiety, as well as 3 distinct methods for testing the effectiveness of your work.

You go on to learn EFT’s 3 “gentle techniques” designed for use in cases of trauma and emotional flooding. You discover strategies for dealing even with issues for which previous therapy has failed, problems that clients believe are impossible to solve, and how to gracefully conclude a session when emotional work remains unfinished. You discover how core beliefs are formed by early childhood experiences and how to systematically shift them with EFT.

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Prerequisite: The EFT Seminar Online

The free online EFT Seminar is a prerequisite for taking the 4 Day Professional Skills Training. The online course provides you with all the basic information about EFT before you start the live training.

Completing the online course has great benefit to you. It means that when you step into the classroom for the first time, you already have all the fundamental concepts of Clinical EFT at your fingertips. You’re ready to start practicing.

This allows the classroom time to be spent on hands-on practice under the guidance of an expert trainer instead of instruction in basic concepts. Once you’ve completed the online course, you’ll take a knowledge test on the content, after which you can attend the Live EFT 4 Day Professional Skills Training.

The online course takes 10-15 hours to complete. There is no charge for EFT Seminar, however you must complete the course and knowledge test before arriving at the Professional Skills Training. Register for the course here now.

3 Levels of Training Build Your Skills Systematically

Step by step, with each section building on the one before, EFT Universe workshops systematically train you in Clinical EFT as validated in research studies and described in The EFT Manual (3rd Edition). Each workshop contains over 8 hours of hands-on EFT practice and demonstrations under the guidance of expert Trainers.

These 3 components meet the academic requirements for EFT Universe practitioner certification and prepare you to serve your clients using these advanced skills.

CE/CME Credits are available for most professional development courses.

What You'll Learn

The EFT Live 4 Day Professional Skills Training comprises 16 learning modules that steadily build your EFT skills, as described in The EFT Manual (3rd Edition).

You’ll also gain deeper explanations of the key methods of Clinical EFT. You’ll receive step-by-step instruction in all the core concepts of EFT. Research shows that the modular nature of the training, with each module building on the skills learned in the previous module, results in a thorough understanding of how to practice EFT.

The classes also include exercises to build your skill and confidence. At each EFT workshop you attend, you’ll receive over 8 hours of hands-on demonstrations, supervised exercises, guidance and feedback from certified EFT expert trainers.

Training in 48 Proven Techniques

Just a few of the many useful techniques you’ll learn in the 4 day professional program are:

  • How to use the “subjective units of distress” scale to measure exactly how much suffering your clients are experiencing… and how quickly they’re making progress.
  • The importance of the precise location of the tapping points on the body
    The optimal sequences of tapping for the best results.
  • How to use simple “reminder phrases” to combine exposure with tapping.
  • The 5-step EFT formula to release the emotional impact of past traumatic events.
  • The 3 essential components of powerful “setup statements” that initiate the tapping process.
  • 3 proven questions you can ask your clients to identify core issues that EFT can help heal.
  • The 8 simple steps of the EFT “Movie Technique” and how it automatically guides the client into thorough clearing of past trauma.
  • The Personal Peace Procedure: A 5-step process that systematically clears the emotional wounds of early childhood and later life.
  • The neuroscience of stress, and how EFT works in the body at the epigenetic, hormonal, brainwave, and neurotransmitter level.
  • What you can do with clients if they feel that EFT and tapping “isn’t working” for them.
    How to handle clients who become emotionally flooded.
  • Over 25 of the most common questions about EFT that clients often have. Knowing these answers, you’ll be confident in your practice with clients.
  • 3 research-tested “Gentle Techniques” for clients who have experienced severe emotional trauma.
  • Why affirmations of desired change don’t work, and how tapping can charge clients’ affirmations with purpose and power.
  • How to identify traumatic childhood memories that clients have suppressed, or hold as unconscious “body memory.”
    Specialized methods for working successfully with dissociation, denial and resistance.
  • The new science of “memory reconsolidation and extinction” that literally overwrites the neural pathways of negative beliefs and experiences, just like rewriting the hard drive on your computer.

Start Your EFT Training Journey

Who Should Take This Training?

EFT professional training is intended for professionals who work with clients, and who want a comprehensive and evidence-based training in EFT. This includes:

Mental Health Professionals such as:

Medical Professionals such as:

Helping Professionals such as:

Whatever your level of training and expertise, you’ll leave the 4 Day Professional Training experienced and grounded in the 48 techniques of Clinical EFT.

Topics that Will Be Covered

Discover How You Can Get Started

Module 1: The Neurophysiology of Healing

Module 2: EFT’s Basic Recipe

Module 3: Maximizing EFT’s Effectiveness

Module 4: How the Brain Encodes Emotional Cues
Module 5: What Makes an Event Traumatic?
Module 6: Using the Movie Technique to Address Trauma
Module 7: Applying EFT to Physical Symptoms and Pain

Module 8: Using EFT for Cravings and Addiction

Module 9: Reviewing EFT’s Essentials

Module 10: Gentle Techniques for Overwhelming Emotion

Module 11: Reconsolidating Childhood Emotional Learnings

Module 12: Identifying the Events that Build Personality

Module 13: Remote Delivery of EFT

Module 14: Applying EFT to the Five Primary Life Areas
Module 15: Psychological Trauma

Module 16: Professional Ethics and Scope of Practice

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