2 Cases of Side Benefits with EFT Tapping

Dear EFT Community,

With two cases, Pankaj from India shows us the "side benefits" that often occur with EFT. Keep an eye out for these when practicing EFT - they happen often, and you will be pleasantly surprised every time!


By Pankaj

Case 1:

"Ram" (name changed) is a 67-year-old gentleman who recently lost his successful business, and almost all his assets when his brother and partner cheated him.  He was shattered. He met me about a month after this happened, during a vacation he took to get out of his severe depression. He said he was feeling much better than he did a few weeks before.

We worked first on hurt, shock, betrayal, and regret and then we looked towards the future. He wasn't a very 'feeling' person and was more in his head so getting a number on a scale of 0 to 10 for his level of intensity was nearly impossible.  He was worried about not being able to leave a 'worthwhile' inheritance for his children, and unsure if he could re-start a business and be successful in the few years he had left.

He also mentioned in passing that since this incident he felt very cold, especially in his feet and legs, whenever he laid down. We tested this and the coldness in his feet was at a 5 out of 10. We did not tap for this, but instead worked on his fears and worries related to the future.

When he left I was somewhat unsure about how much he had benefited from our time together.

He called me the following afternoon to thank me and said he was feeling much better. He hoped he would continue to feel better when he went back home. Most of all, he said the coldness in his feet and legs was completely gone.

This is a clear example of being able to kill two birds with one aspect (the emotional one in this case)!  And once again proves that the mind and body are irrefutably connected.


Case 2:

"Anu" (name changed) is a 30-something wife and mother who came to see me regarding her 'reactive depression' - a life-long pattern. We began by tapping for Even though I have this sadness because nothing in my life is making me happy for which her level of intensity was "100" out of 10.

After only 2 rounds of tapping, there wasn't much change in her sadness so I asked her if she felt any discomfort in her body (I do this often). She said she felt a painful stiffness in her right shoulder. We tapped for that and one round later it became a pain in her lower back.

This took about 15 minutes to go to zero out of 10 and then I asked her again about the sadness.

She said, "Hmmm...yes...I am still sad," and as soon as we began tapping she started laughing. We tried to tap for a few variations but she couldn't stop laughing and giggling. I wanted to make sure this laughter wasn't a manifestation of her inner 'resistance' and had her focus on the sad things in her life.

She couldn't stop giggling and soon admitted that she was feeling absolutely fine! She sent me text messages of gratitude later that day and for the following 2 days.

We had only spent 3 or 4 minutes tapping for the sadness that was at '100'.

I have observed this many times - tapping on physical issues seems to release emotional issues!

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