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Advanced Energy Therapies

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Event: Advanced Energy Therapies

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Instructor: Dawson Church, PhD, EFT Universe

Please join us for this ground-breaking new workshop!

About Advanced Energy Therapies

While EFT has become the favorite tool for millions of users worldwide, there are some 30 other related methods in the field of Energy Psychology. Some of these are extremely powerful and are effective for problems that both conventional psychotherapy methods, and standard EFT, are unable to address effectively.

The Advanced Energy Therapies course provides training in these deep energy methods.

It includes techniques to work with the following difficult classes of issues:

– PreNatal and Early Childhood Trauma

For the first 18 months after birth, the limbic system or emotional mid-brain is the most rapidly developing part of the brain. This is the time when many of the neural tracks associated with emotional intelligence, and the ability to relate to others and regulate our own emotions, are built. It is also a pre-verbal period.

Traumatic experiences that occur during that time are usually not registered by the brain as conscious memories. Instead, they’re hard wired into neural bundles in the midbrain’s hippocampus, the seat of nonverbal memory and learning.

Even earlier, in the womb, stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine cross the placental barrier. When a pregnant woman is stressed, the developing fetus is marinating in those hormones. This experience may produce a physiological set point for what that person later feels in their body is a “normal” baseline. Yet often our baselines are much too high.

Cognitive therapies have a difficult time reaching and healing these pre-verbal and nonverbal traumas because they are encoded in parts of the brain that do not process speech or language. The EFT basic recipe emphasizes the importance of identifying specific events before tapping, yet these traumas are not in the category of remembered events. Both cognitive therapies and conventional EFT are therefore challenged by prenatal and early childhood trauma.

Advanced Energy Therapies provides non-verbal tools drawn from the new field of memory reconsolidation and extinction to identify and erase the emotional impact of these events. These tools work directly with the pre-verbal centers of the brain such as the hippocampus and amygdala. They use eye movements and structured breathing patterns to bypass language and cognition and reach neural pathways deep in the brain.

– Unfinished Conversations

Remember feeling tongue-tied when arguing angrily with your spouse, and your mind going blank? Then thinking of the perfect comeback–two hours later? Remember your breakup, when you felt so frustrated because your ex refused to talk to you about the issues that really mattered? Remember the “family secrets,” the taboo subjects that just weren’t talked about in your family?

Remember that betrayal by a friend who afterwards refused to discuss it? Remember that loved one who died before you were able to say goodbye? Remember the “cone of silence” under which your dysfunctional family members held certain topics?

Our lives are full of unfinished conversations. Advanced Energy Therapies includes methods for finishing these conversations and allowing the past to be truly past. Specialized energy techniques in conjunction with tools from Gestalt therapy can allow us to finish the unfinished conversations of our lives, releasing their emotional grip on our psyches. Completing the past allows our energy to move freely toward a new and positive future.

– Invisible Counselors – Wisdom from the Deep Subconscious

Invisible Counselors are those parts of our subconscious mind that hold great wisdom but are unavailable to us in normal states of consciousness. When non-ordinary states are evoked, however, these parts of the psyche become available, and regular contact with them eventually results in their becoming integrated with our normal waking state. These resources allow us to respond with brilliance and passion to the challenges of life.

When working as a consultant in the 1930s, Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, described how the leaders of companies often brought insoluble problems to him. These problems had defeated the brightest minds at some of the top corporations in the world. In his book, Hill describes how he was able to find breakthrough new solutions provided that he could exit his ordinary consciousness and enter a non-ordinary state. In this state, Hill looked for guidance and insights that he had not been able to imagine before. He coined the term “invisible counselors” to refer to these sources of wisdom.

Advanced Energy Therapies gives you a set of energy tools that allow you to enter such a non-ordinary state in just a few minutes. In this state, you invoke and connect with your own inner guidance.

Contact with your invisible counselors shows you that don’t have to spin your wheels trying to solve problems at the level of ordinary consciousness at which the problems were created. You have access to the full potential of your subconscious mind, to ageless archetypal wisdom, and to the universal field of intelligence.

Within a few minutes of entering these altered states, you have access to all these levels of knowledge that lie beyond your ordinary waking state. The Advanced Energy Therapies course gives you to the tools to access these levels at will.

The Advanced Energy Therapies course provides you with hands-on experience in how to work with these difficult issues that so challenge conventional therapies. In demonstrations and learning exercises, you’ll practice connecting with your Invisible Counselors, finishing your Unfinished Conversations, and healing prenatal and early childhood trauma.

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