Borrowing Benefits Gets Impressive Results on TVRemembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle

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EFT practitioner and author Carol Tuttle presented a seminar entitled "Clearing Life's Problems with EFT" on a cable television channel in Jamaica, which reaches nearly 200,000 people in the Port Antonio, Jamaica, area. She was invited by the host of a show she had been on the day before, "Hard Topics with Dr. Juce," about her book Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century and how EFT works. Carol writes about the Borrowing Benefits phenomenon in action among the participants in her EFT demonstration on TV.

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By Carol Tuttle, MRET

I have been doing a lot of EFT with groups using the Borrowing Benefits technique (see the EFT tutorial on Borrowing Benefits). This first individual in my Jamaican TV seminar demonstration had a rating of 9 regarding a problem of fighting with her fiance. We successfully brought it down to a 0 in 2 rounds. The next individual had an 8 about some health problems and a pattern of worry. She was down to a 1 within 3 rounds.

I worked with one individual at a time on stage and, when they were down to a 1 or 0, I invited them to sit down. Then I turned to help the next person. Interestingly, after working with the first person, I discovered that the remaining volunteers dropped from their original 8 to 10 level to a 6 or below before I started working with them. This is because they had Borrowed Benefits by tapping along with the previous person. (Editor's note: This phenomenon is well known in EFT circles and can be activated while you tap along with EFT videos, even when the problem the demonstrator is tapping for is completely different from your own issue.)

I only let the volunteers sit down after they were down to a 0 or 1. It never takes more than working with four to five people in front doing two to three rounds of EFT with each. Then I ask if anyone in the audience (all of whom started with 8-10 issues) is above a 2 or 3. There never is!

The entire seminar lasted 80 minutes and was taped from start to finish. My hosts that invited me to Jamaica sent me an e-mail three days after I returned home to report that the station had already aired the program twice and planned on airing it several times more.

I have appeared on over 50 radio and television shows in the U.S. and Canada in the last eight months, and have recently been signed to be the monthly contributing expert on our local ABC affiliate channels daily talk show Good Things Utah. I teach EFT and other energy clearing techniques live on air.

I knew the Borrowing Benefits technique was for me, that I was to help hundreds and thousands and hopefully millions of people with this great tool. I am spending less time in my private practice and more time on the airwaves and speaking to groups so I can help more people at one time.

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