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Dear EFT Community,

I've talked to Dr. Joe Mercola many times; he's a great fan of EFT. In this conversation, he talks about depression, and how useful he's found EFT in treating it.

Dawson Church

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

I have a particular fondness for helping those with depression as it is pervasive and such a devastating health problem. There are not many diseases that people actually kill themselves over, but this is one of them. Left untreated, it can be every bit as fatal as cancer.

In the late 80s, I was one of the first primary care physicians to widely adopt the second generation antidepressants.

I put more than two thousand patients on these drugs during that time. Many of the patients improved; but there were a fair number of patients in whom they stopped working. The traditional solution would be to find a different drug to address the problem.

During those days, I attended many lectures from some of the top academic psychiatrists and would always ask them the question, "What percent of people placed on antidepressants need to stay on them?"

Their consistent response was that one-third of the people need to be on the drugs for the rest of their lives or they run the risk of a severe relapse.

That just never seemed right to me.

Unfortunately at that time, I never had a better option. Eventually I learned that sugar is a major contributing factor for depression. William Dufty wrote the classic book "Sugar Blues" in 1975 which thoroughly discusses this relationship.

A more current book, "Potatoes Not Prozac," also addresses this topic although I don't totally agree with the author's diet recommendations.

I have found that grains and most underground vegetables are very similar to sugar and most, but certainly not all, depressed patients benefit by avoiding them.

Having said that, I have certainly seen many patients who were following a nearly perfect diet and were seriously depressed. Prior to EFT, I did not have many good options for these people.

I am very grateful for this valuable tool which I now regularly use to facilitate a permanent resolution.

Earlier this week I saw a patient who was a classic example. She was following my eating plan nearly flawlessly but was suffering from depression that resulted in crippling neck pain that had not improved with seeing a large number of alternative and traditional therapists.

Unfortunately, no one had addressed the emotional traumas she experienced as a child from an emotionally abusive mother and an alcoholic Navy father who was not there for her. She felt that she was "not good enough" as a result of being raised in this environment.

She then wound up marrying someone seven years her senior who rushed her into having children long before she was ready and she had developed complications from this. We did a large number of EFT rounds and a great deal of her emotional stress lifted along with nearly all of her neck and shoulder pain.

I never cease to be amazed at the amazing healing potential of EFT. It seems that with the proper diet and EFT there are very few patients who need antidepressants any more in my practice.

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