Creative EFT Approach to Psychological Reversal

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Jeff Harding encounters a stuck place with a client on stage at an EFT workshop. Progress halts until Jeff "gets himself out of the way" and allows a Setup Statement to flow through him.

-Will M.

By Jeff Harding, EFT-ADV

When conducting an EFT workshop, I often will bring someone up to the front of the room and have them make a statement about a financial goal while muscle testing them to demonstrate Psychological Reversal (PR).

Financial goals are the best way to illustrate this because most people have some PR in regard to producing a very high income in the near future. When I say a very high income, you will see what I mean in a moment.

The first step is to test their muscle strength in their current state to establish a baseline. I ask the person if there are any physical issues I should be aware of and remind them to be responsible for their own health. I usually use the deltoid muscle test with the arm extended from their side.

Next, I begin having them state out loud a ridiculously low income goal for the coming year, such as: I will easily produce $20,000 per year in cash flow in the next 12 months. I remind them to picture and feel the flow; invariably, they test very strong for such a simple and easy financial goal.

The third step is having the person state a ridiculously high income goal, such as: I will easily produce $1,000,000 in cash flow in the next 12 months. Again, I remind them to picture and feel that flow. This time they test very weak because most people have PR to producing such a high income or cash flow.

Finally, we do a Setup based on the $1,000,000 goal, using either the Karate Chop or Sore Spot, and then test one final time after stating and picturing the $1,000,000 flow to show how to correct PR. Every time I have done this, the PR is easily corrected. This is always a wonderful demonstration and everyone loves to see the results occur right before their eyes, but one day it did not quite work out the way it always did.

I conducted a workshop recently where this demonstration took an odd turn. During the workshop, I chose a gentleman from the workshop group. I’ll call him George. I had George do the standard low income statement and he continued to muscle test just as strong as or even stronger than the first muscle baseline test. Sometimes with males, I have to be careful that they are not showing their strength and so I do not always look for a full weakness, but a loss of tension in the muscle.

Well, surprise, surprise, George stated the $1,000,000 income goal and he was strong as a horse. Okay, I thought, perhaps the income goal was not high enough. George had experienced financial success in the past, but was going through a rough patch, so perhaps $1,000,000 was not high enough to demonstrate PR. Okay, let’s run the income up to $2,000,000—just as strong. I upped the ante one more time to $2,500,000 and to my surprise George was as strong as ever.

Have you ever done a demonstration and things do not quite go as planned or in the same manner as they usually do? Also known as “Dying on Stage."

One of the sayings in EFT is “Get yourself out of the way." So I paused to gain a stronger intuitive connection and a thought came quickly to my aid: Perhaps we were not right on with the Setup.

George said, "I actually feel that I have the ability, that I can easily produce that kind of income without a problem; I already have what it takes to do that." So I tuned in for a few seconds and began the Setup Statement again: "I will easily produce $2,500,000 in cash flow the next 12 months and for the rest of my life." I paused again and an ending phrase came to me, "as the person I am today."

George gave me a look of surprise and also I could sense his energy system was beginning to disrupt and then he said, "You hit something there; that’s it."

I had George repeat the phrase "I will easily produce $2,500,000 in cash flow the next 12 months and for the rest of my life as the person I am today."

I muscle tested him and there was not only no bounce to the muscle, but I would estimate that the muscle strength was about 25% of what it had been before!

Then I led him in a Setup using the Karate Chop point.

Even though I doubt that I will easily produce $2,500,000 in cash flow through my businesses in the next 12 months and for the rest of my life as the person I am today...

We did the Setup three times without tapping on any other points. George then stated that large income phrase again, including that tail-ender, "as I am today." I tested him and he was strong as ever and he even commented, "That feels good already!"

There is a perfection, a being within us, an I AM that knows no limitations, but I believe we cover that I AM  with a facade created by the writings on the walls—a story we tell ourselves on, not only a daily basis, but on a constant basis.

Perhaps we know that perfect inner self is there and can do anything, but we believe more in the limited being we were sold on—the person we are today that can create some strong and seemingly impervious PR.

Think about that false self that is present today and address it along with the PR by altering your Setup Statements; sometimes with just a couple words. Put some thought into it, or should I say open up to intuition for the answer and the best Setup phrase may just come to you—the Setup phrase that could make the difference between getting stuck and collapsing that barrier in one fell swoop.

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