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How to Safely Detox Your Body with EFT Tapping

by K. Stock

With all the industrial pollutions in our environment, the air and food, I started an EFT tapping and detoxification program. I use all EFT tapping points for the following sequence of sentences. For people who are new to EFT, please make yourself familiar with the EFT tapping points with the FREE EFT Mini-Manual that you can obtain through this website.

I tap the following:

I command all my cells in my body to release all toxins that they might be holding.

I choose to let go of all and any toxins that my cells, organs or soft tissues might be holding.

I let go of all toxic substances in my cells and in my body that might be unhealthy and damaging.

I let go of all toxins in my organs.

I let go of all toxic deposits especially from car exhausts in my brain and lungs.

I command all my cells to release all heavy metals that do not belong there.

I command that all toxins leave my body the natural way.

I truly love and accept myself and my beautiful body.

Since we are constantly exposed to car exhausts, I do this detox tapping more often. It seems to me that my body likes this and is asking for it every so often. It reminds me to do it. The idea of doing it pops into my mind every few weeks.

It is a good idea to have some time for this EFT detox procedure. Only do this if you have time to relax and you are not on the run to get somewhere. It is best to do this at home with easy bathroom access. Sometimes, one can get surprising results within half an hour to one hour that might require immediate bathroom access. Other times I just feel that something is working. My body seems to be always reacting in some ways to this kind of tapping and seems to be happy about it.

I find the EFT tapping for detox to be less aggressive then other detox methods. My impression is that my body is always releasing something but not everything all at once. Toxins are building up in our soft tissues over time therefore we should release them more slowly again.

9 Detox Recommendations:

  1. Do not tap for detox too much all at once. 
  2. Tap only up to three rounds. I found that to be sufficient. 
  3. Add to the tapping procedure: Even though I [……], my body safely releases all toxins it can handle at one time without me having to get sick. Event hough I [……], I am staying full healthy and fully functioning while my body is releasing a sufficient amount of toxins. 
  4. Assure your body that you will come back to it and do it again. I’ve had the feeling that my body really wanted to detox and that is why it seems to ask me automatically to detox ever since I started doing this. 
  5. Do the detox tapping rounds several times a month. 
  6. Make it a life long practice since there is no getting away from toxins anymore. 
  7. Do it right after you have been exposed to a lot of traffic or other toxic fumes. 
  8. If you start feeling a stronger reaction coming on, stop with the detox procedure immediately. Instead tap right way: Even though I am experiencing [reaction], my body is releasing these toxins now in a peaceful and calm matter. My body is releasing the amount of toxins that it can safely handle right now without me getting sick from this. 
  9. Do all your other detox procedures like drinking detox teas and taking Epson baths since it only helps the body to detox. 

Be sure to be careful with detoxing and do not do it all at once. Space it out over time and always tap that your body is releasing toxins in a healthy and safe way and that you are staying fully functioning.