EFT and the Manifestation Wheel

Personal warm invitation by Alina and Craig here.

-Alina & Craig 


Drawing on the understanding of metaphysical laws, including the Law of Attraction, energy fields and quantum physics, the Manifestation Wheel is a unique and powerful process for personal transformation. The Manifestation Wheel itself was inspired by the Lakota medicine wheel. For thousands of years, medicine wheel teachings have offered direction for individuals seeking understanding, ceremony and wisdom through its use as a teaching tool regarding all aspects of life.

This roadmap, weaving the power of the medicine wheel with the effectiveness of EFT, assists you to consciously create and manifest what you desire. This two day workshop provides you with an experiential space with exercises and tapping that take you from envisioning a cherished outcome to creating an energetic vibrational signature that draws to you the greatest outcome for your soul and ego.

“After doing your workshop I am much more grounded and prepared for my project. It’s helped me to pull the pieces together rand to eliminate and illuminate the hidden fears and weaknesses of my approach. What a delight it’s been to remove the fears of the unknown in such a light-hearted way.” J.B, Fairbanks, Alaska.

“Thank you so much for this workshop. The synchronicities that happened shortly afterwards have confirmed for me that the process is working.” E.M. Toronto, Canada

“Received money, alliances, and people out of the blue to help me with my launch after the workshop. Thanks again!” S.K. Vancouver, Washington

Alina Frank, EFT Trainer has been rated the #1 EFT practitioner for the last 28 months. She has been applying manifestation techniques since she learned to direct energy at Sunday school at age 10. Alina has founded several manifestation groups in DC and Seattle. Alina is also certified in Matrix Energetics, and as a trainer of Matrix Reimprinting.

Craig Weiner, DC has studied a variety of spiritual traditions, the most significant being Native American teachings, primarily in the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path. Through his direct experience of medicine wheel teachings and ceremonies, along with his several years of practical study of quantum physics and extraordinary experiences in the Ramtha School, he has blended his personal experiences and professional studies as a chiropractor to achieve powerful results in supporting people to dramatically transform their lives. By weaving the power of the medicine wheel with the effectiveness of EFT, he expects that people who learn how to blend these two paradigms will make huge leaps forward in transforming their lives from dreams into reality.


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