The EFT Tapping Collarbone Breathing Exercise

EFT Manual by Dawson Church

Dear EFT Community,

The EFT Collarbone Breathing Exercise, as described in The EFT Manual by Dawson Church. It can be useful when you are stuck on an unresolved issue. You might wish to give it a try.

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By Dawson Church

One of the many techniques borrowed by EFT from EFT is the Collarbone Breathing Exercise. It's used in cases in which the Full basic Recipe is not producing a reduction in the SUD Level. It takes about 2 minutes to perform, though, the instructions are complicated and should be followed exactly.

Here are the instructions:

During the Collarbone Breathing Exercise, keep your elbows and arms away from your body. The exercise uses your knuckles and fingertips; these should be the only parts of your arm that touch your body.

With the first 2 fingers of your dominant hand , tap the Gamut point (in the groove in the bones that anchor the last two fingers) continuously while you perform the following 5 breathing exercises:

1. Breathe all the way in and hold your breath for 7 taps.

2. Breathe half way out and hold your breath for 7 taps.

3. Breathe all the way out and hold your breath for 7 taps.

4. Breathe half way in and hold your breath for 7 taps.

5. Breathe normally for 7 taps.

Then place the first two fingertips of your dominant hand on your non-dominant side's Collarbone point and, while tapping the Gamut point continuously, perform the same 5 breathing exercises.

Bend the fingers of your dominant hand so that the knuckles of the 2nd joint stick out. Place them on your dominant side Collarbone point and tap the Gamut point continuously while doing the 5 breathing exercises. Repeat this after placing the knuckles of your dominant hand on the Collarbone point of your non-dominant side.

You are now halfway through the Collarbone Breathing Exercise. Repeat the same procedure starting with your non-dominant side. When you are finished , proceed with the Full Basic Recipe. Many practitioners have reported significant shifts in SUD levels after using this exercise, even with clients who had been going nowhere before.


Excerpted from The EFT Manual by Dawson Church
Pages 275-276


-1 #1 Patrice 2015-02-24 16:04
Is there a video demonstrating this technique?

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