June Kaye Spencer describes her new process based on EFT - Inner RePatterning. The technique "allows you to witness your thoughts and emotions, without criticism or judgement and release them, thus releasing the physical effects they have upon us. Visit June's website.

By June Kaye Spencer

EFT is my preferred method of working with clients when dealing with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues.  It is succinct, empowering for the client and works.  I also use and teach a mindful approach to working with emotions and being in the present moment.

My background is that of working with the vulnerable population insomuch as the clients I see are often homeless, angry, confused, hurt and often hurt themselves.  I wanted to take EFT out into the world and help people to make a difference to their lives.  EFT certainly made a difference to mine.

All aspects of EFT are valid.  I teach the classic concept, including the 9 Gamut as well as the shortened version (everything has its place) and as I have worked with it I realized even when my clients didn’t use all the tapping points we achieve positive results.

Six weeks ago, I was asked by Tania A Prince to trial a new process based on EFT and it certainly ticked all the right boxes.  The process is based on the work of Ekhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now (mindfulness to life) and incorporates tapping on a specific point.  It is intention-based and allows the client to be present with their issues in a non-judgemental way.  I liked the process so much that I gave feedback and findings and was asked to co-develop this process and take it out into the community.  The process is called EFT Inner RePatterning and the clients I work with love it.

How many times have you felt hurt, upset, angry, misunderstood and absorbed those thoughts and emotions into your being until they cause you physical pain?  EFT Inner RePatterning allows you to witness your thoughts and emotions, without criticism or judgement and release them, thus releasing the physical effects they have upon us.

I recently demonstrated the approach at a training session Tania and I put on.  The client wanted to work on a thought that has limited her for a long time.  The negative thought was ‘I’m unlucky’ and this triggers a belief that she is not clever enough to succeed in life.

Using EFT Inner RePatterning we were able to access the root of the problem as it appeared in the moment of working together.  The images that appeared were full of humour (this came through as the true personality of the client).  We did not have to look at the content of the problem, we just watch the thoughts (metaphors) as they arose, accepting them as the truth and realizing once they were accepted, new choices became available.

Here is an excerpt of the session which took about 20 minutes in total and it was a joy to work with the client and witness her transformation as we worked through emotions connected to the original thought …

Therapist         Yes.  Just allow that emotion to be.  And as you watch that emotion, what is happening for you now?

Client              I’m just finding it like Mozzarella cheese is still stuck with me.  (We just witness whatever comes up for the client, as it is in the moment)

Therapist         Ok.  Where is that Mozzarella cheese stuck?  Can you get a sense of how it is stuck to you?

Client              It is just stubborn.

Therapist         It’s just stubborn?

Client              Yes the root of it is still on the end.

Therapist         Is it?  Ok…can you get a sense of where that root is?

Client              It won’t let me.

Therapist         It won’t let you.  Is that the Mozzarella cheese won’t let you or the stubbornness won’t let you or…?

Client              It’s the root of the Mozzarella cheese.

Therapist         The root of the Mozzarella cheese…ok  Well just imagine that Mozzarella cheese stuck part of you, just ask if it will step outside of you and talk to you.  Is that ok for that to happen? (Often there are parts of us which stop us moving forward with our lives.  EFT Inner RePatterning deals with these from a place of allowing and non-judgement)

Client              Erm what I’ve done is I’ve got a mirror in front of the Mozzarella cheese so that it thinks it’s in the wrong place, so it’s now moving out. (A new resource came to mind – the subconscious allows us to deal with issues very gently – it always works for our Highest Good)

Therapist         And how does that feel for your now?

Client              Triumph

Therapist         Triumph?  And you have got a sense of that feeling within you.

Client              Yeah…I’ve conned it! {audience laughter}

Therapist         That’s ok.  Whatever way works for you.  That’s really good ok and now you have conned this Mozzarella cheese feeling out, what is happening within you now?

Client              It’s so close to no return, it’s just a little bit of an inch. It needs a nudge and it doesn’t know it’s been conned yet.

Therapist         Ok, can you give it that nudge?  Is it ok for yourself?

Client              Yes

Therapist         Is it Ok, have you nudged it out?

Client              Yeah

Therapist         Ok and what’s within you now?

Client              I feel tears of joy.

Therapist         Ok…and is it ok for you to release those tears?

Client              Oh yes.

Therapist         So just imagine yourself breathing those beautiful tears of joy…

Client              I just want to laugh now.

Having cleared all negative thought patterns and emotions we moved on ….

Therapist         It’s gone? Ok and what are you feeling within you now?

Client              I just want to get on.

Therapist         You just want to get on, you’ve had enough of this tapping? {laughing}

Client              There’s treasure in the pan, it’s all mine {laugh}.  I just have to find it.

Therapist         You just have to find it…that treasure?  Ok, just look within you now and what are you feeling within you now when you think about finding that treasure?

Client              Now I believe in me, I’m clever. (A new belief has formed)

Therapist         You’re clever…and how does that feel?

Client              Great.

Therapist         How is that feeling?

Client              That’s really good.

Therapist         Is that a good feeling to have?

Client              Yes, I feel really assured  (The process is nearly complete as we anchor in the positives and check the thoughts and beliefs in the Now)

I have used EFT Inner RePatterning with many clients in Anger Management Groups, clients who have body issues, eating disorders, mental health concerns, general anxiety, fears and phobias.  I believe this gentle, mindful approach will empower so many to realize positive change is a choice everyone can bring into their lives whilst releasing their inner critic.

June Kaye Spencer

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